Saturday, October 17, 2015

What do you root for?

It has been a while since I posted an actual blog...

For the most part we are all sports fans but not necessarily fans of all sports. I know that there are some people who have no interest in sports what so ever and they are waiting on Halo 5 to come out but I am not talking about them wackos. I am talking about people who remember taking in their first baseball game, playing a pick up basketball game of 3 on 3 with some friends or just throwing a football back and forth. It all started somewhere - with your dad, your mom, your uncle, your best friend, an older brother or cousin, in your neighborhood, at school, at the YMCA, no matter where it started you became a fan.

Now over the years I have had this conversation with people and it always had one underlying tone - do you root for laundry (the name on the front) or players (the name on the back). There are die hard fans (laundry) that will root for any player that wears "their" teams uniform. These fans will then bad mouth that player if they change teams - trades, free agency and some times just a change of scenery all happen. These fans don't care the reason, Player X was here and now they are in another city. Don't need em, Don't want em, They can have them and so on and so on. The flip side of that is the fan who loves the sport and the players who play it . They have a team that they root for but they don't love all the guys that make up their team. They root for the team and want them to win. If their player moves on they follow them and still root for them.

I am now finding out there is a rare breed who root for coaches - no real team affiliation just the coach and their current team. I get it you guys man crush the shit out of Chip Kelly, Rick Pitino, Joe Maddon but this feels dirty to me.The Larry Browns of the world who build up teams only to move on when the work is done and start a new project isn't my thing.

So I ask again what do you root for - laundry, players or coaches?

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