Monday, September 28, 2015

How Come

How come no one is planning hay rides, apple picking, or haunted houses?  THIS IS SOME BULLSHIT!

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Food truck festivals are the shit!
2. Always a good time bumping into someone you haven't seen a few years.
3. The Hancock Tavern isn't a bad spot. Nice little patio out back and decent food.
4. Welcome back Mike Foley.
5. Who doesn't like college football? I mean football is football.
6. Calnan says that fall is bulking season. So the carb free summer is over.
7. Don't forget the Annual Kubie Krawl is this Saturday in Southie, swing by for some drinks and laughs. The money raised go towards a great cause.
8. Ecco in Weymouth is a pretty inexpensive place for dinner.
9. There is nothing worse than a slow Monday.
10. Papa Ginos pizza is under rated.
11. This list is very food driven.
12. Are you guys sad that CSI is over?
13. Fucking fruit flies are shit! They never ever seem to disappear.
14. How come you can not get a hot dog omelet?
15. I prefer bananas to be more on the green side.
16. Why do I feel like every day I get an email about my damn credit score. Are credit scores the new Nigerian prince?
17. I can do without calamari. Doesn't really do much for me.
18. Has anyone heard from Supah P? I have texted him on a few occasions with no response, man LOVE IS DEEP!

That is all I have today. Food, food and more food I guess.