Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Footballs back

Okay after 4 fantasy league drafts and college football this past Saturday,  I am officially in football mode. Thursday can not come fast enough.

This is what I learned over the weekend:
1. You never know what old friends you will run into at the beach.
2. Iggles look forward to Chief Blog Ruiner's posts.
3. Louie's has $.25 wings on Tuesdays.
4. Not to sound callous but how come no one is pointing out that the Red Sox got 100000% better after John Farrell left with his cancer. Everyone is claiming that there is no pressure since they are in last place I say not so fast. Cancer or no cancer Farrell should not keep that job based on performace
5. Staining a fence is a pain in the balls. Staining in general is.
6. Kids now a days are such babies. Crying because they don't get their way, or something doesn't go their way or they are just told no.
7. It was nice to have some Fall weather on Friday and Saturday.
8. The suicide pool is back up. You should of gotten an email to join if not let me know.
9. The Bruins are just effing with me to buy my tickets for the winter classic. I was supposed to be able to buy em Sept 2nd but now its been moved to the 10th.
10. Turkey/Chicken chili is not bad at all.
11. Nothing worse than burning the roof of your mouth.
12. I hope the MacPhails made it back from Seasame Street Land. Haven't heard from Chrissy since Friday night.
13. Grapefruit Shandy is all the rage right now.
14. Those Not your Dads Rootbeers are like straight syrup. Not for me, but thanks.
15. There are only 2 people that watch The Incredible Dr. Pol - Tom Kelly and my wife.
16. So Deflategate is officially over right? I mean I am not going to have to hear about it for another 8 months am I?

Sorry I have to run but I have 512 emails I have to rummage through...

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