Monday, September 21, 2015


Fall is here bitches and that's my favorite season. Hoodies, jeans and comfort food a plenty.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. It is almost time to use your heat at your house people.
2. Jason Foley is giving away a 55 inch projection TV if you know a guy.
3. It always feels like stealing when you get gas for less than $2 a gallon.
4. Don't fret people, Mario is back from his honeymoon and killing it.
5. All the kids are saying the new Destiny game is the shit. (BY kids I mean grown men).
6. Why does Twitter and Snapchat always change their aps just when I get comfortable with them.
7. Chrissy is flying down to NC to load up Flounders truck and move him back up here. This has all the makings of a story that involves jail.
8. I heard through the grapevine that Supah P is happy in love - even CLEAN SHAVEN!
9. I don't know what show I like better "West Texas Investors club" or "Live free or die". But man I get caught up in both.
10. So some of you have been to the Topsfield Fair, what about King Richards fair? What you know about that?
11. It looks like it is apple picking season. I can not wait for all the apple pies.
12. You don't really learn all that much new shit when you work loads and loads of hours.
13. I always get nervous when Chrissy doesn't text/snap/tweet for a few days.
14. I can  not believe that 2015 is 3/4th of the way over. Feels like only a few weeks ago summer was starting.
15. Fucking Suicide pool massacre this weekend. a pool of 55 down to 4 active with 2 tonight taking Indy...WHATTT!!!
16. Maybe Calnan is slyly dating. No angry blogs, no conspiracy theory texts, no attacking innocent bystanders...only thing I can think of. Welcome back to being a person Calnan.

That's all I have time for people.

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