Monday, August 24, 2009


I know that my invitation got lost in the mail but maybe yours didnt!

hello everyone!

you have officially been invited to "BAKAPALOOZA 4: Wine 'em, Dine 'em, 2009 'em"!

here are the details:

when: friday, august 28 through sunday, august 30
where: 1277 naples road, harrison, me 04040
who: anyone and everyone who wants to have a good time participating in shenanigans and complete debauchery (please notify me of any guests you intend on bringing)...also, dogs are ok as long as they are people/dog friendly
how much: TBD (around $15 or $20, will send an update once i get my shit together)
why: why not?

things to remember:

1. one of the highlights of this prestigious event is the annual BAKAPALOOZA beer pong tournament. grab your partner and think of a team name. we make a bracket...march madness style, oh yeahhhh!

2. the following items will be provided:
burgers, hot dogs, buns, chicken, plates, utensils, napkins, water, coffee, bagels, beer pong/flip cup tables, redneck golf, pool, tequila volleyball, fire pit, horseshoes, debauchery in general.

3. each guest will receive an official "BAKAPALOOZA 4: Wine 'em, Dine 'em, 2009 'em" beer koozie (sorry, no t-shirts this year...too many people to figure out sizes).

4. what you need to bring:
camping gear, bathing suit (optional), whatever you want to drink, any snacks you must have for the weekend, a good attitude and an open mind for the impending shit show.

that's about it. any questions, concerns or suggestions can be directed to me. again, please stay tuned for an update within the next week or so.

can't wait, should be ridiculous per usual! :)

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Mjt said...

now she sends this out when she knows damn well team one flip had prior committments!