Monday, August 10, 2009

It's Monday

I am still bombed and I learned lots this weekend:

1. When Smiddy calls some girl Molly Ringwald; She should of been happy someone was chatting with her.
2. Partying with nuns is something.
3. Free Lunch on Smiddy is almost as good as free dinner on Smiddy.
4. I am not really too keen on being called "sir" at the age of 31.
5. There is some new blood on Dot ave, and by new blood I mean a whole new crop of hookers.
6. The new blood likes to congregate around and use the pay phone across from Peggy O'Neils.
7. For the life of him, Smiddy can't stop calling Peggys the Emerald Isle.
8. Scoring darts for a tournament is harder than scoring on Tuesday night dart league.
9. No one likes it when 1 table wins 3 out of the 4 bottles of booze in a raffle.
10. Nora Mitchell is going to receive a Falcon Punch when she least expects it, right in the baby maker...let that one sink in!
11. Lady Gaga really gets the party started.
12. It is extra hard to understand the straight off the boat Irish dudes when your super bombed.
13. I have no idea how the ODP makes money, $16.00 rounds for 9 beers? Rediculous!!
14. Winners win:

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