Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Terrific Tuesday

Why is it everytime I take a  Monday off, I get a shit ton of texts about why haven't I updated the blog? Its things I learned this weekend and well my weekend gets extended a day. Deal with it.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Folan.com is expanding, even coming out with an advertising campaign:
2. The kid still has it. Charm city BABY!
3.  I just found out what snoodle dragons are - that's when you stumble upon your friend and his girlfriend, its totally awkward because they are all cuddly wuddly and they are slightly embarrassed. 
4. The key to a great beard is Pert Plus Deep Down.
5. Washer toss is great but the games take too long and changing the rules to make games faster doesnt help.
6. People still bitching about the dudes Alison is posting. Get over it.
7. Looking for a new car is a pain in the ass.
8. Another year and still no squares won.
9. Chrissy is right 5 years running on the coin toss.
10. Another week and still no luck with the leash/walking.
11. A Porche Cayanne? REALLY??!

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