Monday, January 15, 2018


Who doesn't like a random Monday off for a holiday? I know I do. Even though I am working my ass off (well more like just at work but still).

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Mother nature is legit drunk right? Bitch is like -5 then 65...ha ha suck my left titty.
2. The Fowler house is not a bad place to watch a game.
3. Jeffrey on 9 is still a thing.
4. Glad to see Mike Foley using Uber now a days.
5. Loud clapper/yeller guy is one of my all-time favorites at the bar.
6. Wendy's is not cheap, if you order anything other than the 4 for $4.
7. Who is against nooners? If you are then you probably hate fun.
8. I hope Dave's heat unit is all fixed and we can finally get this podcast off the ground.
9. It is funny the older you get the smaller your circle of friends get. Do you trust less or just not into the whole feeling out stage?
10. Chrissy is getting ready for his annual super bowl party. Like in the past just text him with what you should bring.
11. Congrats to Brades on the new jobby job. You know I live to celebrate things.
12. Still no date on the Wickendon pub but I think Chrissy is backing out.
13. I think Mike Foley was legit pissed that Chrissy and Jeffrey are mini celebrities at the Imperial Terrace (may also have been the fact he didn't know the bar was so much fun).
14. I get it, you work at Home Depot, no need to be a dick when I ask a question. Obviously I don't know the answer because if I did I wouldn't ask, fuckface.
15. Good to see Colin sneaking out for a few hours.
16. I have been watching the Killing on Netflix and it's pretty good. Lots of twists and turns.

Guess I'll go look up some shit online.

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