Wednesday, October 1, 2008

90210 (2.0) Farewell to Brenda…and Farewell to Kelly for now

This episode was good. But the real test will be next week when there are no past stars strutting there stuff on the show.

Annie and Adrianna were forced to be friends. Principal Wilson asked his daughter a favor to try to be nice to Adrianna. So Annie invites Adrianna to hang out with her and go to a photo shoot that her mom Debbie is doing. Adrianna accepts and the next thing you know they are at the Pacific Coast Fashion Show. Long story short, Adrianna told Annie she never slept with Ty and Annie tries to be nice to Adrianna but in the end we all know that Adrianna is one step away from Promises.

Now the juicy stuff. Kelly, Brenda and Ryan were walking down the hall and Brenda’s phone rings….It was Dylan!!! Soo strange that Dylan was calling Brenda and asked to talk to Kelly? Ryan also thought it was weird. He asked Kelly after she told him that there can never be a him and her, he asked her if she had her cell phone today and she said yes. Then he asked her then why wouldn’t Dylan call her himself rather then Brenda!!!

We find out that Dylan is back in the US and is in Wyoming . He contacted Brenda a couple of months back to see how Kelly was and if he had talked to her! Brenda tells Kelly all of this and it was like the good old days arguing over Dylan. In the end Brenda ends up deleting Dylan as a contact in her phone. It was upsetting. If any of you watched the show last night they did a close up of Brenda’s phone and her contacts. Dylan’s’ was the only name that I noticed. I rewound and pause to see if any other members of the gang were in there.

Naomi was back to her tricks trying to get daddy and mommy together but it just wasn’t working. She was being mean to Gail, inviting both of her parents to the fashion show to “bump” into one another, and her father was having nothing to do with it!
Naomi was really upset with this and crying about it talking to Ethan. She explains that they must love each other if they still sleep together. Ethan says that it doesn’t mean that you love a person if you sleep with them and they break up. Naomi asks if it is over for good this time and Ethan says yes as he is staring at Annie.

Saving the best for last Dixon !! He is my favorite on the show and he and Silver are definitely heating up making out every chance that they get!!! They were also at the fashion show where an agent tried to bust the moves on Silver and Dixon comes to her rescue and knocks the guy out. It was great!

The show ends with Brenda leaving to go visit Brandon and his family (Yeah!) and Kelly and Sammy were going to Wyoming to see if she could reconnect with Dylan. Silver is going to be staying at Kelly’s house till she comes back…Wonder if she and Dixon will have a sleepover!!!

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