Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sons of Anarchy Ep. 4

In this episode we see the Boys of Charming heading to Nevada to visit a brother motorcycle club known as the "devil's tribe". SofA are looking to join forces with Devil's Tribe in order to find a new place to store firearms. The Devils's Tribe leader of course is well known to the SofA, being that he is Jax uncle. When traveling to Nevada Jax and another member of SofA run into the Mayans (Rival Motorcycle Gang) which in turns leads to a gunfight later in the show. Once Clay gets word of the problem with Mayans, he then decides to hold a meeting for a possible "Patch Over" with the 2 motorcycle clubs. This meaning that the Devils Tribe will become Sons of Anarchy Nevada Chapter, which did'nt go over to well with some of the members of the Devils Tribe and dropped out of the club. Once the 2 are officially joined they end up in a shootout with the Mayans due to the fact that Jax went out on his to clear his head and initiated the shootout by taunting the Mayans at their hangout, when noticed the Mayans followed Jax back to the new chapters headquarters where the shootout occurred. The shootout was under the watchful eye of the undercover ATF agent (ex boyfriend of Tara), who has it out for Jax and the rest of the club because of their illegals arms business and Jax's past/present relationship with Tara. This episode was a rather boring with the exception of the shootout and learning of the restraining order that Tara has against her ex boyfriend( ATF agent) and seeing the women at the new chapters hangout running around half nekkid. Tune in tonight on FX at 10pm, i think it should be a good one after what happened last weeks problems with the Mayans.

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