Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Funny things

Ha ha these are funny (Thanks to the 319):

GREENVILLE, Maine — There's no such thing as a free lunch anymore for Black Frog Restaurant patrons nervy enough to run down a dock and plunge naked into Moosehead Lake.

Owner Leigh Turner decided Thursday to stop giving out a free Skinny Dip sandwich — that's thinly sliced prime rib on a baguette — for a skinny dip after the town board voted to deny his liquor license renewal application.

In their decision the night before, selectmen in the popular tourist town noted that they would have had no problem granting the license if the promotion ended for the $10.95 sandwich.

Thus, said Turner, dropping the deal was a no-brainer. "Au jus" wins out over "au naturel."

He had said last year that he had two or three takers a week, and no frontal nudity was exposed to customers. But police said they had gotten several complaints, and three people received summonses for indecent conduct. They have pleaded not guilty.

Authorities noted that stories about the Skinny Dip had circulated worldwide, and the indecency charge is a misdemeanor, like disorderly conduct. Police Chief Scott MacMaster said he would recommend any establishment lose its liquor license for illegal goings-on.

According to the Black Frog's Web site, its sandwiches also include The Chicken That Didn't Make it Across the Road, and one of the house rules is "No food fights unless specifically authorized by your server."
Wait they had a place that gave you free lunch for getting naked?? I am sure they would lose money if this was located near Chrissy!! He would eat naked at the bar with clothe pins attached to his nut sack if they let him. Too bad its been shut down...BUT hell to get my booze license back I would cancel this too!

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Anonymous said...

I do the Polar Plunge in Revere lunch for a naked jump in the lake.