Monday, November 22, 2021

It's that time

 Time for my favorite holiday - Thanksgiving! So let's get stuffed and blitzed this Thursday.

This is what I learned from Georgia:

1. The Mercedes Benz stadium is huge and nice.

2. Pats fans travel well.

3. The northeast needs some mother fucking Waffle houses.

4. Athens is a great place to catch a college game, go Dawgs.

5. Pretty sure no one in the south gives a fuck about Covid.

6. Peri Peri sauce rules the menu down there for wings. Let me tell you it's got some sneaky good back heat.

7. Blue cheese stuffed peppadews are something that I never knew I actually needed in my life.

8. The Claremont lounge is 100% the stripper graveyard. I am willing to bet the oldest stripper I saw was in her 80s.

9. I wonder if Chrissy bumped into TKs wife down in Aruba?

10. Please tell me you have seen these bizarre posts that Smiddy has been posting on his Instagram?

11. I cannot get used to everyone being so nice and calling me Mr. Derek down there.

12. All my Uber drivers were from NY or NJ, so I guess that many people retire in GA!

13. Coors light is not available everywhere. I had to drink Miller Lites, Mich Ultras, Budweiser heavy and Corona in a fucking can.

14. Senoia is where they tape the Walking Dead and believe me everyone will tell you that when you visit. Then point out all the extras as they walk about town.

15. To Go beers are a fucking thing and should be made available in every state immediately.

16. Tough loss for coach Lundrigan and the Hull Pirates team.

I hope that everyone has a great Turkey day. I mean the turkey this year must taste better since the price is up exponentially.

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