Monday, September 4, 2017

Labor day

Happy Labor day you animals.
While you all are out enjoying the last days of the summer I will be working.

This is what I learned this week:
1. I finally got around to watching Black Mirror on Netflix, that is some fucked up shit. I haven't made it through all 3 seasons yet.
2. The Macphails had a lovely cookout yesterday, a celebration of life and the wonderment of a fire pit.
3. The suicide/elimination pool is back up and running. So get your picks in by 1pm on Sunday.
4. The Florida - Georgia game is on. Hotel is booked, the airfare is booked and Matty secured 4 tickets. Who is coming with? 3 tickets are spoken for.
5. Looks like Point Sebago may be a go for next year. The week of July 7th to the 14th. Rumor has it Jason Foley and his family are even in.
6. True North bar opened up in Weymouth, pretty nice.
7. This week is the Brimfield antique show.
8. I love when I hear people buying products and growing beards.
9. Would people be interested in a pub crawl to raise money for the devastation in Texas, caused by Harvey.
10. I don't really understand the purpose of cards against humanity.
11. Survivor flip cup is beyond ghetto. What's the purpose of playing a drinking game when you get kicked off a team? Attention span zero.
12. Have you had the drunken meatball pizza from Coops? Shit is off the chains.
13. Would you buy 20 $30 scratch tickets, 30 $20 tickets or 60 $10 tickets?
14. What is more important to you? Time or money? Would you drive around for 1/2 hour looking for a parking space or would you just pay the $20 to park?
15. There is no one I would pay $1500 per ticket to see front row center stage. How can Lady Gaga even charge that?
16. We are on to week 6 of waiting for my battery from China.

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