Monday, September 25, 2017

Well then

It looks like mother nature isn't quite ready to leave summer behind.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Even when wearing running pants, Kung Fu Dave still wears black.
2. Kelly's Cellar is kind of a scary place.
3. Florida - Georgia game is a month away.
4. At what age do people stop with the Halloween parties?
5. Dunkin donuts tried to kill me this weekend, my iced coffee was pumpkin spice.
6. Who hates roast beef? Honestly Chrissy?
7. Happy belated birthday Folan.
8. If you see Jeffrey buy him a drink or something. That dudes cranky.
9. Is there anything wrong with eating a dinner salad after your meal? Asking for a friend(wink wink).
10. Since I know you are dieing to know, still no battery.
11. Rumor has it Chris Leaden is going to help moving.
12. I am so confused about these protests - are we protesting police brutality? Is it the flag? Is it being an American? Is it the first amendment right to free speech?
13. I caught Kingsman 2 this weekend, not nearly as good as the 1st.
14. If you are a fan of Nintendo then you should check out Castlevania on Netflix. It's only 4 episodes but sets it up nicely for future stories.

Off to do some work.

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