Monday, September 11, 2017

15 more

There are only 15 more Monday's till Christmas.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. We all have that one friend who bitches about everything. Someone could give them$100 and they would bitch about it not being enough.
2. Sunburns on 70 degree days are where it is at.
3. Joe Martell never missed a day to be at the beach.
4. Looks like all the work OT is slowing down in 3 weeks.
5. Jeffrey is spiteful at times.
6. Another year and I am out of the elimination pool week 1.
7. Why do they give you the most uncomfortable work chairs?
8. My sausage making empire is coming along.
9. Georgia beating ND with Doug Flutie calling the game, made my Saturday night.
10. Can't be uncle of the year if you don't show up to flag football games.
11. This is great sleeping weather.
12. Chrissy, sorry to break this to you but Poopsies is a 5.3. The atmosphere is a 10.
13. Never forget - tell a friend, telephone and tell TK are the 3 major ways to get all your business out there.
14. Rio wants a lake house in NH if you guys know of any.
15. Car dealerships are relentless with harassing you. Never fill out any shit online.
16. All these fucking hurricanes, really enough mother nature.
17. If I got an Irish wolf hound, I can name it Mick right?
18. Cagney's is getting a new menu.

Gotta run kids. See ya soon.


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