Monday, August 23, 2021

Lets go

2 more weeks of fun in the sun, summertime. Then everyone will be back to the grind.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Chrissy is still looking for a derby car.

2. The fantasy football draft is Saturday, fucking 16 years.

3. That mask mandate didnt stay off long.

4.  So Henri was a dud, huh?

5. TK occasionally gets lost in Quincy.

6. CM Punk is back!! AEW will kill it.

7. Not really a fan of the Sand Bar in Hull.

8. Nothing worse than when someone rips your phone out of your hand and runs away from ya. Ask Martell.

9. Can someone explain to me how Machine Gun Kelly landed Meghan Fox?

10. Jason Foley has a hotel for Saturday night if anyone wants to party.

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