Monday, March 19, 2012

60 days away

Look at the the 5th Annual Mustache pub crawl is only 60 days away. If you haven't started your mustache yet you are probably follicley challenged. Don't worry people Michael Foley will not be in attendance at the crawl.

Lets see what I learned this weekend:
1. I am up for the Uncle of the Year award 2012.
2. The Scituate St Patricks day parade is good for little kids. It last a little bit over an hour and is better than the Dot day parade.
3. I stumbled upon a meat raffle, while picking up some Chinese food. Let me tell you TOTALLY UNDERRATED (6 steaks, 6 pork chops, 5 lbs of steak tips, 2 lobsters and 12 chicken breasts).

4. The Southie parade is still going strong as is the love these 2 share:
5. I was saying this dude was creep-pimping at the parade. He wasn't in it or anything just kinda cruising around:
6. I had no idea that chicken sausage would be that good.
7. I guess Chrissy is saving up for a blow out type of day on Marathon Monday. He's saving up all his cash.
8. Jeb and his family used to raise pigs and slaughter them. So for old times sake he is having a pig roast in June or July. Keep your schedules cleared.
9. The best birth control is watching some children for a weekend.
10. Katie's starting her garden already. We wont be having carrots, brussle sprouts or peas this year.
11. This is the 1st year I have not done a bracket and it feels fucking awesome to just watch the basketball games.
12. If anyone see Rob Knudsen please tell him I said hello. I try to have text correspondence with the man and it always leads no where.
13. I ate some blackened Talapia this weekend so thats a plus of no red meat. Me trying more fish.
14. I am not sure if Rio has a ticket left to marathon Monday or not because Smiddy is telling Folan  that he is going with Rio but he has yet to tell Rio. Kinda makes sense.
15. We need more Mary Lou's News through out Mass.
16. The Purple Shamrock is inded closing in September so drink up bitches.
17. 1st time in NCAA tournament history that 4 score from a single state have made the sweet 16, OHIO!
18. Welchies golf game is already in mid summer form. Anyone looking for a challenge - Don't sing it, BRING IT!

Darts is at home tomorrow night so feel free to come by. I will not be able to make it as I working.


DOT RAT said...

Move out of dot and just bad-mouth the parade as u crash some yuppy town parade. Sellout.

DOT RAT said...

Move out of dot and u bad mouth the parade as u crash some yuppy town parade? Sellout

Anonymous said...

What is that woman pointing at in the second picture?