Friday, March 2, 2012

Dart review

From a drunk Jeffrey, here is his review:

Lost first two games of 501

Skipped to first game of cricket win back to last game of 501 another lost Fuck!!! 2nd game of cricket win bitches last game of cricket another win all tied up at 3-3 on to the 301s 3 loses in a row motherfucker!!!!! then 2 big wins by us suck it BARRY Larry's in to our last game for the tie...........we lost till next week


Prez. said...

What kind of show are you running here? Christ I take a week off and this is the result. I guess it's time to get back in the mix!

d said...

I didnt write it
Jeffrey did
I posted it for him
Thought it was well written for a drunk

Anonymous said...

Classic. Take notes young bloggers.

kodiak said...

Was that a KBarry shout out? I could have did a better dart review from Tampa