Monday, March 26, 2012


It looks like we are back to normal March weather. Low 40's in the am and then high 50's or low 60's  in the afternoon.

This is what I learned this weekend:

1. Roxies gets their fish from the Adams Fish Market.
2. Rio is quite the lumberjack. He took down 3 trees in an afternoon.
3. Yard work is a bit more tiring than I remember.
4. I am not trying to turn into a grass guy but I just put some seed down to try and get rid of the ghetto ass crab grass I have.
5. Katie is trying to do bikejoring with Ronin and had a nice lesson this weekend.
6. I tried fish tacos from Margarita's and they weren't bad.
7. For some reason I keep forgetting to order the MPC shirts. I will do that today.
8. I like Scramble with Friends, Words with Friends and Draw Something but they fucking kill my battery.
9. Rumor has it Chrissy is pumped up for Wrestlemania this Sunday night.
10. Its going to cost me $1300 to get gas from the street to my basement. UGGGHH
11. I have not seen the Hunger Games yet, I am waiting on Katie to read it so we can go watch it.
12. Supah P is up for coach of the year in darts, something Foley was never in the running for.
13. Katie's brother, Tim, has started training his mustache with wax...5th year is no joke.
14. My phone screen was all busted and pixilated but it took a nap and is all back up and running.
15. Its funny how the Bruins are playing well and everyone is back on the band wagon, some people asking bout playoff tickets.
16. I am getting sick of eating chicken.

This week dart match is at Pete's Grill in Quincy. That means Shaun Larry you can invite your lady friend and see if she has any friends for Supah P. Stop being so selfish.

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