Monday, March 5, 2012

2,000th post

This is the 2,000th post on this blog. I sure as hell never thought we would ever get here. We lost a few good bloggers along the way  - Big Show, Iggles, Chrissy/Chrissys better half and Style Gal. We had Rios, Sons of Anarchy recaps but those quickly faded. Chiefdude seems semi retired, I mean he hasn't posted in god knows how long. Mike "the Pres" Foley makes an appearance here and there with darts or golf. TMX is always on point with the fantasy reviews. Wes Cash throws his hat in the ring when something needs to be addressed. Overall we are plugging along. If anyone wants to guest blog or be a regular contributor just send me an email.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. You can only eat so many chicken dishes in a 2 week time period.
2. Why go to a burger joint if you gave up carbs for Lent? CHRISTIAN?
3. New World Tavern in Plymouth has a 5 page menu of bottled beers and 2 pages of drafts. That would make for a fun weekend.
4. Everyone say a prayer for Rio, he has one foot in grave with his high blood pressure.
5. A chameleons tongue is is longer than its body.
6. I am kind of addicted to "draw something" game for your phone. Get at me drunknothings
7. Donald Ducks middle name is Fauntleroy.
8. Almonds are members of the peach family(WHAT?).
9. Ladies sneeze twice as much as men.
10. The only mammal that can not jump are elephants.
11. All polar bears are left handed.
12. An octopus' testicles are located in his head.
13. The average bra size is 36C whereas 10 years ago it was 34B.
14. The Lorax is my favorite book by Dr Suess so I am very apprehensive about this new movie, even though it made $70 million this weekend.
15. The new Voltron cartoon blows, and by blows I mean totally fucking sucks.
16. Every time I go to the damn barber its 4 people deep and only 1 guy is working. I don't have 2 hours of my life to sit around waiting to get a hair cut.
17. I finally got around to watching Thor. It wasn't a bad flick.
18. I'm already sick of people tweeting about Red Sox spring training games. Who is getting pumped beating the Northeastern Huskies squad? Get a fucking life.
19. I can make a mean shampoo mohawk with my hair being so long.
20. The pub crawl bar schedule is coming together. Just waiting to hear back from Beer works. When I get the ok I will place the orders for the shirts. I think I am going with 125 this year. I am adding 20 smalls.

Darts is at home tomorrow. If you are in the Quincy area and want to come by for some laughs we will be at the South Side Tavern.

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Riccio said...

I went through all the post and only counted 137 not 2000.