Monday, April 9, 2018


Pretty much over 2018.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Wrestlemania is starting to fade.
2. I can not remember a time the Marathon Monday game got rained out.
3. Having to be out of my house to replace some foam insulation for 24 hours blows.
4. The Red Sox season is over, TK officially jumped on the band wagon and X got hurt. Coincidence?
5. Why does stretching feel so great.
6. Finding a new wallet is not the easiest thing to do.
7. Neither is finding a suit jacket for the Derby.
8. Wind burn is worse than a sun burn, dont @ me!
9. The older I get the more I actually hate writing things down.
10. Too bad Chrissy never bumped into TKs wife in Aruba.
11. If your child was exceptional at baseball would you move to a warm weather state to play year round?
12. Burton's in Hingham is Cougarville and Jeffrey knew and wasn't telling anyone.
13. Apparently Rob is rocking 3 time shares in the Florida area, one actually in Disney. Maybe you gotta hand crank him off to use one but hey.
14. The Red Sox not having magnet schedules on opening day just added to 2018 totally sucking.
15. You ever randomly meet someone from Twitter in real life? It is wacky!
16. Still have 3 tickets to the derby. If anyone is interested or knows anyone interest.

Off to sort through my 378 emails I got from last Wednesday.