Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow day

Man this is some motherfucking heavy ass snow. Now everyone who lives in the city dreads the snow, two-fold. First there just isn't any place to put all this heavy snow and second people will now mark/hold their parking spaces for the next 2 weeks. I could probably rant and rave about this all day but I won't.

Things I learned this weekend:
1. You never ever want to hear get on your knees when in a male bathroom, CREEPY!
2. Afternoon B's games are killer.
3. Lazy Sunday afternoons are fabulous.
4. Orange juice is best cure for a cold.
5. Smiddy has been MIA since last Wednesday, maybe he is back in love?
6. Jeffrey is cranking away on his new house in Hull.
7. $5.00 recession buster menu at DJ'S is brilliant.
8. The new medicine that they gave me for my cluster headaches seems to work way better than the other stuff.
9. BBW Mclovin has the red ring of death on his XBOX 360 and he is none to happy about it.
10. People are upset about Matt Cassel being traded. I am more upset about Mike Vrabel being part of the trade.
11. Steve Levy says we need more hockey fans out and about(Plus he had a hot broad with him).
12. The dart team is looking for a player or two...anyone want in?

1 comment:

doerilla said...

i want a house in hull, dammit. we were there over xmas visiting dave's mentor and wife. it's so cute over there by the water.