Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Give till it hurts...

I know that times are tough but any extra cash that you could give to each or any of these foundations/charities/causes would be greatly appreciated.

The first is the Doug Flutie Foundation. Every year Jenn runs the marathon to raise money for Autism awareness. She does this in honor of her nephew Genaro. The odds of being diagnosed with Autism is 1 in 150. Any little bit that goes towards a cure for Autism can surely help.

The second is Megan trying to raise money for R.O.F.Y(Reach Out for Youth & Families):
Our campaign is dedicated to achieving a Real Impact on Real People--our friends and neighbors from our local community--by improving the health of kids, molding young people, and strengthening families.

Each day our YMCA is focused on these outcomes and Reach Out for Youth & Families ensures that all those from our community can benefit from our effective, mission-based programs and services, regardless of their ability to pay.

The last is me. I started the Mustache Pub Crawl with the intent that I get a bunch of people together, have a stache-tastic time and raise money for a charity. Well last year was a trial run to see what kind of plan I could come up with, how many people we could involve and see if the bars were on board. The day was a success with over 100 people showing up. This year the date is set. The times are set. The charity is set. I will be donating all the proceeds to the Dana-Faber Cancer Institute. I will be selling shirts for $20.00 and taking donations the day of the crawl.

1. SAVE THE DATE -- MAY 2, 2009

What else do you have to do on a random Saturday in May when the Sox are out of town??? You know you will probably end up drinking somewhere so why not with us....and for a GREAT CAUSE!!! So when you wake up with a hangover Sunday morning you can feel good about it!!!

The proceeds from the CRAWL FOR A CAUSE will go to the Doug Flutie, Jr. Foundation in support of Autism. I am running in the Boston Marathon and am raising money for this organization in honor of my nephew who has autism (please see link below if you want to know more about the charity or the cause):

Still working on details of the crawl and will send out updates as I have them. But please respond on this evite if you are planning on attending because I need to get an estimate of attendees for the bars.



$20.00 DONATION (or more if you are inclined) will go directly to the foundation. With that donation you will receive a FREE t-shirt commemorating this great event, name tag and all specials included at each bar. Who knows you may even meet a couple new friends!



Please email me with any questions, comments or concerns. And again please forward this evite to ANYONE you think would be interested. The more crawlers we get the more $$$$$ we raise for this great cause.

Any questions, comments, or special interests send me an email to Jenn at

2. Let's talk ROFY campaign...
It is the time of year when our fundraising campaign is in full swing.

This is an annual-year long campaign that benefits children and families in many ways!
With the current economic situations in our community, your help is needed.
This year we have had 6 of our very own students in the Y World of Tots needing scholarship assistance from our ROFY campaign to either continue their enrollment with us or for their family to be able to afford to send their child to Nursery School.

This campaign is near and dear to my heart. We need your help more than ever!

Please visit my Reach our for Families and Youth campaign website and consider making a donation to benefit our community. If you can not make a donation at this time, you could forward this e-mail to family and friends to help make a positive impact on children and families in our community.

Thank you very much for your much needed help!

3. Saturday May 16th - The 2nd Annual Mustache Pub Crawl.

1st ride DJ's 1:00-2:30

2nd ride Hurricane O'Reillys 2:30-3:45

3rd ride The Grand Canal 3:45-5:00

4th ride Bell in Hand 5:00-6:15

5th ride The Tap/Purple Shamrock 6:15-7:30

6th ride Red Sky 7:30-8:45

7th ride Clarke's 8:45-10:00

8th ride Hong Kong/Trinity 10:00-close

No beards or goatees - just a good old fashion STACHE!
We will have fake mustaches (for the ladies and for the bitches who won't shave in a mustache).

We will have name tags too so come up with your best stache name or use your real name!

Any questions or comments send me an email at

All proceeds will go to the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

Donations here

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