Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Reply

Dear Mr. Derek,

Thank you for the letter I always like to hear from my fans. But lets get something straight…..I’m Alex Ovechkin, also known as Alexander the Great, The Great 8, the Mighty Ovechkin, Ovie, or OV-1. I got more nicknames than you can shake a stick at. So if I want to celebrate my 50th goal I can do it whenever and however I want to. I am ALEXANDER THE GREAT damn it!

I don’t send you e-mails when you fall down the stairs in a drunken stouper. I didn’t tell you that you could have fallen in a more dramatic fashion. Like I’ve said I’m The Great 8 so I don’t want to upset my fans out there. So I’ll send you a signed copy of my 50th goal.


P.S. I’ll see you in the playoffs.


Anonymous said...


d said...

Shots on goal:
1. Ovechkin 72 games 475 shots
2. Jordan Staal 76 game 347 shots
Give me a fucking break 51 goals on 475 shots

Anonymous said...

Have you seen my team? Of course i took all those shot. Im alexander the great GOD DAMMIT