Monday, March 23, 2009

Back to the grind

Things I learned this weekend:
1. The tournament is in full swing. The games have been awesome and entertaining.
2. Louisville and Memphis don't look like they are scaring anyone.
3. UMass Lowell has a legit gripe about that loss to BU - After seeing the review 100% a goal.
4. The Bruins toughed out a good win yesterday.
5. Since being back in love, Smiddy has abandoned Sunday Funday.
6. I am in desperate need of a haircut, yet I am too lazy to get one.
7. Working on the weekends is not that bad.
8. Not drinking on the weekends; doesn't make you feel better on Monday monrning.
9. BC is over rated! OVER-RATED! OVER-RATED!
10. FrankBrown is alive(yes thats a tack board for nailing down carpet):

The aftermath:

The 2nd Annual Mustache pub crawl is 54 days away. Here are some stachtastic ideas for your stache.
1. The Chrissy Stache(Try and try to grow a stache):

2. The Gorman Thomas/Biker Stache(Bad ass to the core stache):

3. Rob Deer Stache(mullet and stache):

4. The Billy Buck Stache(Style meets sophistication):

5. The Keith Hernandez Stache(the ALL STAR of Staches):


Anonymous said...

You cant pull off the Buckner without the eyebrows to go with it !

d said...

What stache do you think Smiddy will show up with??

Anonymous said...

ive done all i can do to grow a stache. doesnt look half bad next to rob deers!

and a stache wasnt good for smiddys image last year but he is in love this year so does that mean he will grow one? will he bring his bride to be to the crawl??