Tuesday, December 16, 2008


12 shopping days left for all your Christmas needs.
15 shopping days left for all your Derek's Birthday needs.
18 shopping days left for all your New years eve needs.

People keep emailing/texting/calling me and asking what Happened to Iggles grievances?? I honestly do not know. I have reached out to Iggles and all he tells me is that he is "Busy".
Maybe he doesn't have anything else to bitch about.
Maybe Mrs. Iggles found all his grievances and burned them?
Maybe he is too busy Christmas shopping?
Maybe he is too wrapped up with trying to come in 1st over all in fantasy that he can't focus on anything else?
If anyone sees Iggles, please tell him we are worried.

The street hockey game is only 4 days away. It looks like we will have roughly 20-25 guys to play. I hope that all can make it.

The Bandwagon Sheriff and the Wanna B's watchdog are doing a fantastic job keeping these scabs off of the Bruins bandwagon. The tip line has been ringing non stop with people dropping dimes left and right on these punks. If you want to add anyone to the list just get in touch with me via the text message, email or telephone.

The dart team is in a tight spot this week. With the ice storms last week, Handsome Jared got called away to Western Massachusetts to fix some shit. That leaves us with 5 players - Jeff, Foley, Welchie, Supah P and Myself. I reached out to MikeyShits, Pat Layden and Chuckie. Pat said he would play if we are in a bind but he still has to work the overnight. I could ask Gary...HEY GARY!!! Round 2 of the playoffs start tonight in East Boston!

The Celtics won again last night 100-91. That is their 15th straight win extending their record to 23-2. That ties them for the the best start through 25 games in NBA history. Keep it up guys because the rest of the league is getting RONDO'D!

Things I have learned this weekend:
1. Pub Crawls are fun.
2. Sunday is a fun day for drunk bullshitting with friends.
3. Trying to get a group of people to get to go to Vegas for Superbowl is no small feat.
4. Smiddy can not find anyone to go to the Bruins game with him Saturday.
5. The Bell and Hand has it in for Mikey...twice denied??
6.There's only one Ricky Hatton

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