Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tuesdays rumblings

The Mustache Pub Crawl is scheduled for Saturday May 16th, 2009.
Since Chrissy has a hard time growing facial hair we will keep an updated photo log.
Here is week 1:

Tonight we start playoff darts. The team came in 2nd place overall in our division and the 5th overall seed for the tournament. If you are bored and want to come down and support Peggy O's 1 we will be starting around 8pm at Peggy O'Neils.

The holiday season is fast approaching so you know what that means:

1. Holiday shopping - Lines Lines Lines!
2. Family get togethers - Is that crazy Aunt/uncle going to show up?
3. Holiday work parties - Will you get too bombed and embarrass yourself?
4. Stress Stress Stress - Money Money Money
5. Awkward gift giving - Did they/didn't they buy me something?? Did I spend too much?
6. Too much to do not enough time - All these parties, shopping, work shit
7. Gluttony - Too many holiday meals
8. Crazy drunkenness - Relieve the seasons stress
9. Phoniness - everyone being fake, happy, in love - I'm Calling BULLSHIT!
10. New Years - Out with the Old and In with the new

FrankBrown + Hot Sauce + Straw = Funny shit
Video 1

Video 2

5 things I learned this past weekend:
1. Puck Slut is not a flattering term.
2. Smiddys love life is like a "windmill".
3. Rio likes draft beers ALOT and drinks them FAST.
4. Mugging up on the dance floor is totally acceptable by ANYONE & EVERONE at the bar! Ehem Smiddy!
5. Ned Devines beers are $5.50 each! FIVE FIFTY!!! A mixed drink is only $7.00. Why would I buy beers when I can get gas for a $1.50 more?


Anonymous said...

FrankBrown needs to come up with some new material. i did that on jackass 5 years ago...

d said...

Oh man you know FrankBrown will do any and all stunts...

Iggles said...

Want happened to Chrissy? I'm not one to talk but his head is shaped like a pear.

Anonymous said...

close up pics are not flattering for me!

Anonymous said...

I'd rather look at a thousand pictures of Chrissy's mug than read one more greivance.

Anonymous said...

Well Frank Brown says, i think that was kid shit 2 boys but i feel that all these people are hatin on me 4 wat i gots to do 4 lunch money! Im sorry but mo fuckas hungry, plus if anyone wants to try an top anything i do then best of luck!! but jus lettin everyone kno that i will not lose an also i cant DIE!!!

Anonymous said...

kinda like you wont lose a shotgun race cuz i saw you come in THIRD PLACE

d said...

Frank People want to see what you gots...better bring it!

Anonymous said...

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