Wednesday, December 31, 2008

JSL Enterprises – Year In Review

Well we had some technical difficulties with JSL so we’ll post a bunch of text messages from JSL that will qualify as their year in review

IGGLES: Need your Year In Review
JSL Enterprises: What for
IGGLES: Gives you open mike to bitch about your year
JSL Enterprises: I don’t have a computer its broken
IGGLES: Shouldve bought a computer instead of that ‘truck’
JSL Enterprises: I need to get to work
JSL Enterprises: No answer
IGGLES: People questioning if u are going to do a review
JSL Enterprises: they must not be fans of me?!
IGGLES: Everyone is a JSL fan…come on!
JSL Enterprises: No answer
IGGLES: What u think ‘bout CHAMPS?
JSL Enterprises: Well I hated the negros when they were winning last year
IGGLES: So you hate me this year?
JSL Enterprises: Deegs I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
IGGLES: What ya doin for New Years?
JSL Enterprises: nothiung
IGGLES: Good man you’re too old 4 new years
IGGLES: ur like 30 yrs old anyway

JSL Enterprises: SUCK IT DEGGEN!!!!!!!
JSL Enterprises: My computers broken who came in last

IGGLES: not smidgy
IGGLES: WE ALL LOVE SMIDDY. Not sure he loves us. Haaaaa

JSL Enterprises: can I give my MVP 2 my whole team for not coming last
IGGLES: Yeah…and give me ur least valuable or most disappointing
JSL Enterprises: that with out say witten!! That’s why I traded him he was cancer on my team
IGGLES: Excellent! Any shout outs to the peeps
IGGLES: Any haters u have a message for?

JSL Enterprises: give shout out to my kickers there not just kicker let them know
JSL Enterprises: and mad niggaish for dropping D williams

IGGLES: Ill post tomorrow
JSL Enterprises: Thx

So it wasn’t much of a review but I guess we have to live with it. I’m not sure Jewfrey understand I was going to actually post the text messages. Haaaaaaa


Anonymous said...

best review YET!!

Anonymous said...

Boo!!! We wanted a glimpse inside JSL Enterprises and we got the drunk girl at a New Year's Eve party saying how much she LOVES everyone. Only saving grace, telling You know who to Suck it (saying seems to run in the family).

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