Friday, December 5, 2008



Hey Overweight Stair Lady! If you are so fat and out of shape that it takes you 10 minutes to walk up 2 flights of stairs from the train stop, than at least have the common courtesy to wait for everyone else to go first. We cannot squeeze around your fat ass on the stairwell and I’ve missed the bus 4 times because of you. I’m no Speedy Gonzalez but at least I can keep up with the pace. IT’S LIKE THIS EVERY DAY DAMN IT!

Am I wrong on this one? I appreciate the fact that maybe you are walking the stairs in an effort to get some exercise and lose some weight. But must the rest of us suffer in your battle with obesity? All I’m asking is you wait 30 seconds for everyone else to get on the stairs and then you can take your jolly good time walking.

Am I asking too much here? And what makes matters even worse is there is a freaking elevator right behind the stairwell. I’m just warning you now Overweight Stair Lady, I have absolutely no problem tripping you and climbing over you to make my bus. To quote our favorite Entertainment Update expert, Stylegal, “I have a job people’ and I got things to do! So get the hell out of my way before things get nasty.


d said...

Are you Serious with this 5th grievance? Can I grieve this bullshit?
Grievance 5.5...
1. quoting other bloggers?
2. ride a different train car to get you out before the fat heffer walks the stairs.
3. you are short and bald not short and mexican.

Iggles said...

I always wanted to be mexican. Figured that would complete my miserableness. Short, bald, fat, and mexican. can't get any worse than that.

Iggles said...

can I have a job, not pay taxes, and get free healthcare just like the other mexicans? If so, sign me up.