Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Street hockey pics

After a bunch of bullshit I finally got these pictures from the hockey game uploaded and formatted correctly. Took about 2 fucking hours. The pics are kind of dark and I couldn't fix the one to the side. Can you tell I am a bit annoyed?







Good times had by all. Can't wait for the next one!


Flash said...

Rogie Vachon was there ? Oh wait, thats D !

Phil Kessel said...

these pictures were doctored!! a picture without a ball in the net behind IGGLES?? You teckies are something!!

Mrbooze said...

How come FrankBrown is smiling so much?

Iggles said...

Very True...notice you don't see Chrissy either. Down at the other end Cherry Pickin'

Frank Brown said...

becuase im fRank broWn BIATCH

SFLABO said...

Nice Rogie Vachon reference, just had to let you know someone appreciated it i.e. remembers him.

Prez. said...

A 30 second photo-shop session would have cleaned these up to a suitable level. Rookie!

Anonymous said...

No pic of the prez one shift one point performance?? JEALOUSY cloudy up the lense? hmmm??