Sunday, December 7, 2008



There Are Rules On The Commuter Rail! This is rather simple and I’m not sure why people can’t figure it out. First Rule: Stay off the god damn cell phone! I don’t care what you are making for dinner, I don’t care what little Johnny did in school today, I don’t care what your day was like. Whoever you are talking too can wait until you get off the train. Trust me when I tell you that you are not that important that it is required for you to talk 45 minutes straight. Do you people realize that the entire train is listening to you? Do you just not care or are you that oblivious to your surroundings. Second Rule: Why do you feel the need to sit right next to me when there are plenty of other seats on the train? Then on top of that you think I want to have a conversation about idle bullshit. In case you people haven’t figured this out….I DON’T LIKE PEOPLE! So do not, under any circumstances, talk to me. Even if the train crashes and we are in need of rescue do not talk to me, I can make it out on my own. If you can’t then that is your problem….NOT MINE!

I’m going to stop there with the commuter rail rant. I could go on for hours about the daily nonsense that occurs due to stupid people. Let’s just leave at this…..I’m pretty sure if you are taking the commuter rail you’re life is pretty meaningless anyway so cut the crap and sit down, shut up, and don’t annoy me.


Anonymous said...

I think I know how you feel. Listening to people on their cell phones talk about their boring lives must be like reading about your grievances in your boring life. I agree STOP IT!!! all of you. It's easy enough to skip the grievances but it's bringing the whole blog down, man.

Anonymous said...

HAHA i feel the love!!