Friday, December 12, 2008

Costanza Alert – Week 15!

"I'm disturbed, I'm depressed, I'm inadequate, I've got it all!"

Let’s get the acceptance speech out of the way before we get too far along here. I’m not very good at speeches but let’s give it a try:

First I would like to thank the person that is primarily responsible for getting us last weeks Costanza Award. And no it’s not Antonio Bryant…he was only doing what he was supposed to do. Catch passes and score touchdowns. No I would like to thank Donald ‘You Will Never Play For Me Again’ Driver. You put up 8.5 points and even that was a stretch since you got 5 of those points at the end of the game. You were my biggest disappointment this year and I will never forgive you. Not that I hold a grudge or anything… freakin’ STIFF! Other than that I don’t really have anyone to thank. Parents? Not a chance! Friends? Don’t have any! Family? Uhhmmmm….see Parents! Mrs. Iggles? I guess but as we mentioned before she wants nothing to do this fictitious world of mine. So I guess I can pull a FredEx and thank myself for being so wonderful! Haaa… I miss Freddie Mitchell.
But I am honored to receive the award from Costanza Central and can only hope to carry on the long storied tradition of past Costanza winners. Smidawgs, Defending Champ, D St Dirtballs……..oh shit all those teams suck…..I am completely screwed. Fourth place here I come.

A few questions:
1. Anyone agree that K-Rod will be another high priced free-agent that will be a complete bust?
2. Is Carolina the best team in the NFC? I sure hope not….the Eagles own their 1st round pick in 2009.
3. See ya later Pat 'The Bat' Burrell. I'm gonna miss those stat padding 3-run homers you hit in the bottom of the 7th with a 10 run lead.
4. Enough is enough. If the Yankees top the $400 million payroll mark it is time to institute a salary cap.

Taking a look back at last weeks Start of the Week we were proud to see that Randy Moss outscored Lee Evans by 3 points. The bad news is that both of them had crappy weeks: Moss 6.5 points and Evans 3.5 points. They didn’t exactly set the world on fire but a win is a win and the Costanza Girls are just happy to get on the winning side again. Unfortunately, we are starting to see a trend and it doesn’t bode well for any of our future picks. Our record has been pretty good this year but recently both the Start of the Week and the player that is benched both have horrible weeks. With that said this weeks must start is…….Wes Welker for Street Pharmacist should get the start over Brandon Marshall. I’m just does CBSportsline have Roddy White projected to get only 9.5 points. The guy is a #1 WR who averages like 17 points a game. Sure hope they don’t have some inside info on Rockin’ Roddy that we don’t have. Good luck PHARMACIST.

Cheerleader of the Week
Kelli – Jacksonville Jaguars
Hometown: Groveport, Ohio

Q & A
If I had to watch one movie on loop for ever, it would be:
Billy Madison, I know every word to this movie

I'd want my last meal to be:
A big steak!

I'd want my last meal to be:
A big steak!

The next risk I want to take is:
Sky diving.


d said...

By the way...Fred ex is funny!

Anonymous said...

that may be my favorite cheerleader