Thursday, December 11, 2008

Keeping my fingers crossed!!

Jennie Garth's Kelly Taylor has been a fixture on the CW's 90210; Shannen Doherty's Brenda Walsh has done a few drive-bys. Even Jason Priestley is stopping by to step behind the camera.
So who's next? Sources tell me producers are actively working once more on getting Tori Spelling on screen as Donna Martin before season's end for a multiple-episode arc.
So will it happen? And what's this about a Luke Perry lookalike (gasp!) cozying up to Naomi?
Stephen Lovekin/
Reps for both Tori and the network tell me there's "nothing to confirm" yet, but insiders close to the talks say that if producers get their way, Donna will drop by for a few episodes this spring and may appear in an episode Jason may be directing.
No final agreements have been made, but talks continue, with Tori's storyline and paypoint being sorted out.
As you may recall, Tori was supposed to come on 90210 early in the season, but the recent birth of her daughter delayed the appearance, and plans ultimately fell through when the CW reportedly refused to give her the same compensation as Shannen and Jennie.
In other 90210 asting news, I'm hearing producers are also hot on the search for a Luke Perry-ish bad boy to come on the show and serve as a love interest for Naomi (AnnaLynne McCord). Let's just hope he doesn't knock her up and leave her, Dylan McKay-style.
Happy with the Tori news? Anyone else from the old days you'd like to see on the board? (Kathleen Robertson, I'm looking at you!) And how are you liking 90210? Post below.


d said...

I thought they were cancelling this absurd 90210!

Anonymous said...

cancelling it? are you kidding me! i love the new 90210! i am so mad i have to wait till the end of january for it to come back on!! been killing me the last few weeks.

Anonymous said...

where does stylegal get her sources? checkout counters tabloids?

Anonymous said...

does it matter? you get to bang me every night! what have you done since the original 90210????

Anonymous said...

i dont need to be on a show, i'm living off my rap career FOOL