Monday, December 29, 2008

ADSL Season 3 - Fantasy Football Update!

Well the season is over! Man it feels like we just had the draft 4 or 5 weeks ago. Congratulations to Dead Beat Dad for coming in first place for the year. Second place went to Sflabo who probably had the best team from top to bottom in the league. Third place was a disappointment for Street Pharmacist after being soooo close….no excuses kid you just couldn’t get it done in crunch-time! Joking aside… was a great season by ALMOST everyone and thanks to everybody who came out yesterday. I’m sure it’s no surprise that Defending Champs didn’t show yesterday but we’ll get into that in a moment. Everyone can take a few weeks off and then it’s time to start training for next year. Championships are won in the off-season people! Ryan Moats is my flex pick for next year….PUT IT ON THE BOARD!

Now for last place…..we’ve talked about Karma a few times this year but to be honest I don’t like talking about her too often. Karma has a very poor sense of humor so at no time do I want to upset her. Apparently Defending Champs doesn’t feel the same….I guess that’s why they still haven’t paid their entire league entry fee (supposedly it’s in the mail), they spent all last year bragging about their team when CHAMPS didn’t even attend the draft and the Famous Frank Brown had to do the draft for them, and CHAMPS decided not to show yesterday even though they said they would. Lady KARMA gentlemen…….never upset her……and that is exactly what you did. First to Worst….good work kid! So enjoy your time in last place and happy dress hunting…..but from what I understand you won’t have any problems getting into the SWING of dress shopping. But just in case you need some help here are some links for you…….

Lane Bryant
Fashion Bug
Maximum Woman

Just In Case You Really Want To Get Into It:
Hips and Curves
Exotic Plus Size Lingerie

Congratulation DAWGS…..we told you people Sunday morning that it was the Day Of The DAWGS! They came out of the gate strong and never looked back. It was over before the 4pm games. Now for all you DAWGS haters out there I know you are disappointed but you just have to deal with the fact DAWGS is Beer Bitch next year. Get your orders in now because the line may be real long. But we are here to please the masses so for those of you that need to see DAWGS in a dress here is a peak at what you will be missing……

Now for the awards section. We had some strong contenders but this years Costanza of the Year Award was given to Madd Fucking Niggerish. NIGGERISH graciously accepted the award on his birthday. Congratulations NIGGERISH and Happy Birthday……

We weren’t really sure how to finish up the year. Writing out a season review could take forever and to be honest I’m just about typed out. So we thought a year in review with pictures would be quicker and easier on the eyes.

Love the Free Mike Vick shirt being worn by our Start of the Year Rockin’ Roddy White. Cost you a Championship PHARMACIST!

Man I have no idea who she is but there is no doubt that she is our Weekly Review Babe Of The Year. Has to be!

Vandelay Industries HAAAAA...."and you want to be my latex salesman, I don't think so!"

Haaaaa……You’ve Been SMIDGY’D!!!! In fairness I have to give Mrs. Iggles credit for the Wax On…Wax Off.

Karma Bitch!!!! Suck on that!

I was actually at a Starbucks taking this....just couldn't manage to get the Starbucks sign in the picture.

Looking forward to my dinner NIGGERISH

‘CHANGE – WE REFUSE TO DEFINE’….man I have no idea where I found that but it is a classic.

No comment needed.......haaaaaaaa

Yup.....the Costanza Girls

Yup...the Smidgy Girls

When in doubt do the opposite....words to live by!

Love the FredEx picture…..we all could use a little more FredeEx in our lives.

I don’t care what anybody says…..Carmella Decesare is the sexiest women on the planet! End of discussion. 

Smidawgs on the phone has to be put in the Smidgy Hall of Fame immediately.

It was a freaking joke people!


Talk about a camera whore…..Danielle Gamba. She’s posed for more pictures than Paris Hilton! Everytime I turned around we were finding another picture of her.

Third Runner-Up for Cheerleader of the Year

Second Runner-Up for Cheerleader of the Year

First Runner-Up for Cheerleader of the Year

Cheerleader of the Year
All I can say is....YUMMY!

We have a ton of other pictures but I never used them since Mr. Booze enjoyed the bio’s so much and I couldn’t always verify someones name or get their Bio info.

I guess that’s it. The Costanza Girls are exhausted and are going on a long vacation. Costanza Central signing off!


d said...

Now that the season is over what will you Blog about?

How long is your self imposed blogvacation going to last?

Any truth that you and Mrs Iggles are trying for a little Igglette?

Iggles said...

If I get the individual season in reviews I'll post those this week and then I'm going on a 2 week vacation. Costanza Central is closed until next year. Mr BOOZE you know better than to talk about little Igglettes. You trying to curse me?

Flash said...

Another great fantasy year, Mr Iggles I apreciate the blogs,
On a side note, if I draft Westbrook next year I hereby authorize the whole table to get in line (Airplane style) and take turns punching me in the face !

d said...



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