Monday, December 22, 2008

Oh man...

3 shopping days left till Christmas
6 shopping days left till my birthday
9 days till New Years

Things I learned this weekend:
1. William J Smiddy does not like being on the Wanna B's list.
2. Playing 2 1/2 hours of street hockey makes a person sore.
3. All this snow/ice/rain is getting a bit absurd.
4. Hooters SUCKS ASS.
5. Mike Foley is a gamer, jumping into the street hockey game to help out.
6. I love open bars!!
7. Not that many people are out at the malls Christmas shopping like in past years.
8. The Pats could go 11-5 and NOT MAKE THE PLAYOFFS.
9. The Celtics and Bruins are ROLLING! Its just Business as usual for them 2 teams.
10. Sundays are boring when you can only watch 1 football game at a time...BOO to that!!

I should have some pictures from Saturdays street hockey game to post tonight. I was just too damn lazy to download them yesterday(or maybe I was too sore, either way).

We had a total of 24 people for the 1st annual street hockey game.

List of NO SHOWS for the game:
Hartigan and his crew
Tom Kelly


Anonymous said...

bah humbug no christmas song this week?? Dan Band have an xmas song!!

Anonymous said...

sweet pass foley!! how to get it to the scorers!! good times!!

d said...

Posted Grinch!

Iggles said...

I must object to the Wanna B's list as well. I'm a known Flyers fan who has always stated I will never root for the B's or C's. Too much bad blood between the franchises.

Anonymous said...

huge success on the 1st annual street hockey game! jeffrey needs to take off that C from his jersey though...

Iggles said...

No way! Jewfrey hustled the entire time, kept track of the hat tricks, threw the hats out on the ring, played offense, played defense, cheered from the bench....sounds like a Captain to me!

Anonymous said...

hmmm hat tricks? arent they a given didnt every one get at least one hat trick?