Thursday, March 10, 2011

Who do you like?

Who ya got?
Chrissys goatee/Stache/beard vs Supah Ps beard

My stache is curling over my lip...


BEARDS, kinda like a mustache ride but with more tickle.

Don't forget the 4th Annual Mustache Pub crawl is Saturday, May 14th.


Chrissy said...

Not trying to compare my beard with supah p's. But this is 4 months of NATURAL growth... not that fake propecia shit he & brian wilson got going on!! That thick & that black?? I will get the hair club for men doctor records!

mother fucker said...

oh snap!

supah p said...

Thats 4 months growth 4 me too.its all natural,some planet of the apes type shit!!!!