Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I see where this is headed

William J. Smiddy doesn't talk too much about his personal life. You may hear a thing or two about his mother, auntie, nana or his brother but never anything too revealing. You can get a few beers in him and he will chat up his grandfather but never ever anything about his father. I just found out why...Chris Mullin is his dad.

Check it out:
Same hair style
Same jaw
Both left handed
Both 6'3 plus
Both kill the blue shirt
Both crush the ladies
Both live life to the fullest
Both can't make it to work on Mondays

You tell me? What do you think? Is Smiddy hiding this crazy secret?
If it is all made up(cough, cough) at the very least, Smiddy This is your future!

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