Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekend Kickoff

Where the fuck does the weekend go?? a couple of kid play dates, a few errands and bam its over.i cant believe i forgot to post a girl on friday. thank god chiefdude stepped it up with the new lois lane! now im not one to complain but wasnt it chiefdude who started the G.I.W.L.T.F?? he gave up on that post but once i am a little late he is jumping in with a weekend kickoff girl? oh well, so i was thinking how i could make it up. well being st pattys week, i figured lets pick a different irish chick each day. i am starting with Aubrey O'Day! she is so hott she broke up one NKOTB members marriage. now she might be as irish as dereks all time favorite red sox Troy O'Leary, but who cares when she is THIS hott!! enjoy



WOW, i would be happy with her every week

Anonymous said...

Weekend kickoff girl on Monday? Buy a calendar loser