Monday, September 14, 2009

Something new

Since they are always trying new and exciting ways to block any and all blogs at work I am going to try something new myself by EMAILING this entry in.

After a long weekend of boozing, dancing and rocking the shit out of the 1777 tuxedo at Kait's and Mike's wedding it time to see what I learned.

1. A lot of good fooz ball player roll through the Broken Antler pub.
2. The word "hysterical" is derived from a body organ...THE UTERUS!
3. Paying $5.00 to see someone eat a frozen potato chip off the bottom of a beer bottle is worth every penny.
4. It is very hard to find a trash can in and around Fenway park.
5. Who died and made Tim Hightower; Reggie Bush.
6. Nothing gets people excited like football season.
7. Smiddy smashing wine glasses at Lago when Notre Dame drops a pass, Is not fun for the entire party.
8. Meredith, NH is a very pretty area.
9. A drunk Welchie is a fun Welchie.
10. Smiddy and his new lady are perfect for each other. Hope this works out for them both.
11. Everyone loves a wedding especially little kids.
12. The 2 most important words at a wedding are "OPEN BAR".
13. People are still talking about my wedding dancing performance!


d said...

Ice fishing tournament in january

Wallaced said...

I thought folks said PRANCING NOT Dancing?!?!