Thursday, September 17, 2009

Groom attacked on wedding night

WINNIPEG - It was a wedding night to remember, for all the wrong reasons.

A Garden Hill First Nation man who attacked a new groom with a sledgehammer just hours after he was married has been sentenced to two years in prison.

Warren Harper, 27, pleaded guilty recently to one count of assault with a weapon in connection with the April 2008 attack.

Court heard the victim (who is also Harper's cousin), his bride, another woman and Harper were at the victim's home following the wedding drinking champagne and "super juice" when Harper and the newly married couple got into an argument.

Harper was trying to drive away in his truck when it became stuck in the road and the victim banged his fist on the truck window. Harper exited the truck holding a sledgehammer, which he swung at the victim's head, knocking him to the ground. Harper continued to beat the man about the head and body before the two women were able to drag him inside his house.

The man was airlifted to Winnipeg's Health Sciences Centre where he underwent surgery to his ears, jaw and hips.

Following his arrest, Harper said he recalled a confrontation "and not much more than that," said his lawyer Chris Sigurdson.

The jointly recommended sentence came as the result of a plea bargain between the Crown and the defence. Court heard the victim was reluctant to speak of the attack or testify against Harper, given their close family ties. An attack of the kind inflicted on the victim normally invites the more serious charge of aggravated assault.

Judge Patti Umpherville gave Harper double credit of 10 months for time served, reducing his remaining sentence to 14 months. Umpherville sentenced Harper to an additional two years supervised probation and prohibited him from possessing weapons for 10 years.

Where to begin with this one? First of all, what the fuck is “super juice”? I mean they can’t explain it or anything? Is it a new mixed drink? I hope to hell its not this “SUPER JUICE”. Secondly, you don’t remember getting pummeled with a sledge hammer? I MEAN IT’S A GOD DAMN SLEDGE HAMMER!!! Third,  you get your ass handed to you, where you have to be airlifted to a hospital and have surgery to your ears, jaw and hips AND YOU DON”T TESTIFY?? Did they offer you a life time supply of super juice? Lastly, “prohibited him from possessing weapons for 10 years”? Hey judge maybe the fucking crazy fuck shouldn’t ever be allowed to have a weapon. HE BEAT HIS COUSIN WITH A SLEDGE HAMMER!!


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