Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Robble robble

So after much deliberation, fussing and bargaining with Chrissy and his wife we finally came upon an agreement for the tattoo I will pay for. In order for him to get it though he want $350.00.

He is getting the Hamburglar on his ass, pulling out cheeseburgers from his ass crack with 3 Fry guys standing around him and Robble Robble underneath it all.

I am guessing this is what it will be based on:

Look similar to this(just a real quick base):

So far I have donations of
1. Smiddy $100
2. Jeffrey $50
3. Hong Kong Dave $50
4. Welchie $25
5. Rio $25

Anyone else willing to donate? I am paying for the tat!


d said...

He needs A MINIMUM OF 350 people!

Mjt said...

i've got 30 bucks for the cause;