Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday Monday Monday

So a quick hit recap of the weekend boys and girls:

The Celtics lost a really shitty game last night. It seemed to me that no one really wanted to play defense. Some sports reporters, who are in the "know", say the Celtics over achieved. I say FUCK THAT. They are the defending champs, play like champs. Oh well no worries. We will come back next year bigger badder and stronger. Great year boys.

The 2nd Annual Mustache Pub Crawl was a success. We raised $1220 dollars for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute: $1100 from the sale of T-shirts plus $120 in donations, $20 from Jenn Gamberdella and $100 from Rob Knudsen.
** This just in CustomInk donated $25 dollars to the cause**

We had celebrities: Dale Ernhardt Sr., Sid Breem, Dennis Eckersley and even Howie from the backstreet boys.

Also an impromptu dance off/meringue dance lesson:

Things I learned this weekend:
1. Drinking with some of your friends is fun but drinking with over 100 people is much more fun.
2. Raising money while getting bombed is a win win for everyone.
3. Stingers are evil.
4. "I am the Smidawg" is a perfectly fine answer to most questions.
5. Ordering quesadillas, while totally shattered, eating them, not paying and then having your friend throw them on Smiddys tab - priceless(Way to go Bigshow)!
6. Karaoke is fun/addictive and best enjoyed while bombed out of your mind.
7. "Nice Mustache" is a good conversational starter.
8. Never order mixed drinks at Zumas; especially on a pubcrawl.
9. I didn't know that Bell in Hand had such a huge dinner crowd. Hey dude there were 3 people in there before we showed up and a room full of dudes on a bachelor party for Mitch and Rob on the other side - douche.
10. God damn chicken on a stick is hot as fuck!
11. People are looking forward to the 2nd Wingalympics...gotta figure out a day to get that done.
12. Apparently giving chicks nuggies is a form of flirting.

Dear Le,

I don't know if you read the blog but as your neighbor, in the Dorchester area, please be on the look out.


Your friends at Drunknothings


That Boston Girl said...

sorry i couldn't make it but as a loyal backstreet boys fan during my glorious jr high years in Brockton I have to point out to you that AJ, not Howie, was on your pub crawl

d said...

Sorry AJ Not Howie...Im not fluent in Backstreet boys