Monday, May 18, 2009

Nhl Playoffs

Iggles NHL Eastern Conference Finals picks:

GOD DAMN BRUINS……they ruined my whole plan. Going into the NHL Playoffs I figured it would be the Red Wings vs. Bruins in the Stanley Cup Finals with the Red Wings winning in 6 games. So all I needed was the Bruins to win out in the Eastern Conference (which they should have done easily) and I could sit back and drink my Yuengling with a big smile on my face. But nooooooooo……the B’s had to screw me now I’m tied with Mr. Booze going into the Conference Championship games. I absolutely have to pick the winner between the Penguins and ‘Canes……and I have no freakin’ idea who is going to win. Lots to look at in this series: Offensively the edge goes to the Penguins…….the Special Teams edge goes to the Penguins…..Defensively a very slight edge to the ‘Canes…..and Goaltending the ‘Canes have an advantage. Uggghhhhhh……I guess I’m going with the ‘Canes in 7. When in doubt go with the better goalie…besides I hate the Penguins and I can’t remember the last time there was a rematch in the Stanley Cup Finals.

My Western Conference Finals Picks:

Apparently Iggles is a little bit angry at the B's, not because he is a fan mind you but, because they may cost him some Money. If there is anything more guarded and closer to Iggles heart than cold hard cash well then please someone show me! Now onto my pick. I am a big fan of the resurgence that the Chicago BlackHawks have shown over the past two seasons. They are a young fast team. They clearly have the better goaltender in Nikolai Khabibulin but they don't have the experience. Does anyone have any playoff experience prior to this season? I know That Chris Osgood is not a flashy goalie but he gets the job done. I am taking the United Nations of hockey AKA Hockeytown - Detroit Red Wings.

If you are still jonesing for some Bruins action:

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