Friday, May 29, 2009

Hockey Finals

Dear Boston Bruins,

I wanted to take a few minutes out of my day to write a letter so I can explain how you ruined my hockey season. Granted I’m not a Bruins fan but I think that is irrelevant at the moment. You were the #1 seed and were clearly the best team in the Eastern Conference…..after sweeping the Canadians you had a clear path to the Finals. Who else in the East could beat you? The Penguins? The Flyers? The ‘Canes? Well, apparently the answer was the ‘Canes……you decided to play your worst hockey of the season during the playoffs. I don’t want to hear the excuses about running into a hot goaltender… were outplayed by a freakin’ expansion team. You are the Boston Bruins….a member of the Original Six….and you lost to a team from North Carolina. Completely UNACCEPTABLE!

All you had to do was hold serve and at the very least make it to the Stanley Cup Finals…..that’s all I was asking for. Since you couldn’t hold up your end of the bargain I’m now forced to root for my arch rival, the Pittsburgh Penguins, to win the Cup so I don’t lose my bet. Thank you very much Bruins… can take your Hub of Hockey and shove it.

Sincerely (and by sincerely I really mean SCREW YOU),


Ok….now that I’ve gotten that off my chest. I’ve been put in a horrible position….I need to hope Sid the Kid, Gino Malkin, and Fluery can pull off a miracle and beat the Red Wings. Do I think it’s going to happen…..NO! But stranger things have happened…just ask the 18-1 2007 New England Patriots. GO PENS GO (I just lost 5 years off the end of my life having to write that)!


I think that Iggles may of lost it, I know the kid doesn't like to part from his $MONEY$ but writing a letter to the Boston Bruins- come on?

I am up 5-4 heading into the Stanley cup finals with the winning team getting the right to have their name etched onto the cup(and a free case of beer for me). So since I have been picking the Western Conference for the whole playoffs then I must take the Detroit Red wings. I am not feeling all the confident that the United Nations of the NHL will win Lord Stanleys cup due to all their current injuries but fuck it, winners win and Hockey town will win again.

The series starts Saturday night and I should be drinking my beers by the end of next week. If the Pens win it all, tied game and no one owes anyone any beers. If the Wings win it all, Sam Adams Summer ales at my place for an afternoon cookout.


Iggles said...

Screw it.....if we tie let's still have the cookout and we both bring a case of beer.

d said...

fine by me!!
Beers for everyone