Monday, May 11, 2009

May 11th

The 2nd Annual Mustache Pub crawl is only 5 days away. I know some of you are itching to shave in the monster stache and all I can say is - I can't wait. The crazier the stache the better. As they say "Don't sing it, Bring it BITCHES!"

Things I learned this weekend:
1. The Boston Sports trifecta finally came through yesterday with all 3 home teams winning. Should of taken that 3 Boston team Parlay.
2. Brutus the Barber Beefcake is a Bruins fan.
3. I got tore up at the Sox game Saturday with Rio but not this bad...

4. As drunk as the guy in the picture above was he wasn't all messed up on whatever this cat was on...

5. Popeyes chicken is dope as shit but sharing it with a cabbie who was driving me home was priceless.
6. Rio feels old and yet he just turned 30.
7. Smiddy is happy in love and he is shouting it out for all to hear.
8. Chrissys back on days this week and looking to get bombed...any takers?
9. The Baseball Tavern redid their whole basement level.
10. If they can serve you beer in the box seats at Fenway, why can't they do that throughout the whole Park?
11. This dude loves to take pictures...

12. Mr. Iggles is eloping to Vegas, July 4th for his wedding. As long as Mrs. Iggles is down for that.
13. The summer is fast approaching and I feel like we haven't had any real long stretches of hot weather yet.

As always I got really drunk this weekend, at the Sox game Saturday and B's last night so I am sure I have forgotten some shit. Hope everyone has a nice week and I'll meet you all at DJ's Thursday night for game 7!


mjt said...

any idea when the kohansky brothers rematch is? i'd like to get it on video. thanks.

Iggles said...

Playin' with fire Mr. Booze. Just remember when July 4th passes and we aren't flying to Vegas I may be moving in with you. And I am not a good roomate.