Monday, May 18, 2009

MPC 2009


Anonymous said...

tremendous time!! who's getting crawler of the day? stache of the crawl?

d said...

Overall Stachetastic appearance - Jeffrey "the Eck" Lundrigan

Thickest Stache -
Tim "Dale Sr" Kraemer

Stache MVP -
John "Clarke Gablestache" Wallace(dance off and boom box WHAT)

Best Gay porn Stache -
Joey "weakstache" Maretll

A shout out to all the ladies who are ballsy enough to rock the fake staches and to draw them on for the duration of the day

Anonymous said...

back to back mvps for wallace!! he cant b stopped!! heard watchdog is bringing a full marching band to pick up an mvp award

Chrisy said...

i had an AWESOME time! but i think you can tell by the way my eyes cant stay open the longer the day went on...

Chrisy said...

oh and what about most dedicated stache?? i mean really, over 6 months for this fucking thing!