Friday, May 8, 2009

Here we go Bruins! Here we go!

I know Wednesdays loss was a bit on the rough side. It saw many Wanna B's show their true colors by jumping off the bandwagon - some taking off their B's hats and some switching to Celtics green. I am here to tell you not to worry. We have a big game tonight and all will be well in the world.

1. Billy Costa (Kiss 108s own radio personality)
2. Justin Phelps
3. Chuck Tofuri
4. Brian Ryan
5. Aiden Kelly
6. Nora Mitchell
7. William J Smiddy
8. Brian Folan
9. Joe Rene - A Haitian
10. Padriag Calnan - owns a Sid the Kid Jersey and Ovechkin shirt
11. John "Phil Housley" Brewer
12. Kristine Young
13. Dan "Gary" Madden
14. Jason Milligan
15. Bobby Freeman - wants on the bandwagon
16. Lenny Graff
17. Walter Pratt
18. FrankBrown
19. Dale Arnold
20. Bill Simmons
21. William Wusteny
22. Michael Toomajanian
23. Andrew Sousa
24. Tim Barrett
25. Pete "the Meat" Shepard
26. The writers at the Boston Herald
27. The Staff at Conner Larkin - how do you turn off a Bruins game tied 3-3
28. Ed Media Jim
29. Michael Felger - Trade Phil Kessel for Vinny Lecavlier and his 85 mil?
30. William Graham
31. Larry Mastrangelo
32. ChiefDude
33. Joe Smiddy - Sabres Fan trying to get on the band wagon. Bills Uncle
34. Charles Ferlauto
35. Staff at The Place - how do you turn a game off in the 2nd period and then back on for the shoot out?
36. Mark Hetnik
37. John Roccio
38. Starbucks Joe
39. Stephen Harris
40. Ross McKeon - Yahoo! Sports
41. Thomas Gerard Kelly
42. Leroy Lynch
43. Greg Leblanc - Thanks to Bobby Freeman
44. Thomas Desseres
45. SPH - trying to sell the "hot ticket"
46. Ken KNowens
47. Kyle Higginsbossom - Thanks Ozzface Killer
48. Jared Rowland
49. John Hegarty - his name is Phil Kessel not PETE Kessel
50. Olympia Sports - 1/2 rack of Bruins apparel and 4 racks of Yankees shit
51. JP
52. Steve Conroy
53. Joe Martell
54. David Spellman
55. P500 Train conductor
56. Stop & Shop: You can't start selling pictures of Timmy, Chara, and Bourque with only 9 games left before playoffs!
57. Thomas J. Newton
58. Thomas Lundrigan Jr
59. Charles V. Grillo
60. Matt Siegel
61. Lids - $5.00 fucking Bruins hats to make way for Sox apparel
62. William Gaudet
63. Bob Delaney
64. Timmy Carrier Corp
65. Steve O'toole
66. Chris Leaden
67. Mark Reagan
68. Steven Whitley - a playoff Goatee is NOT a Playoff beard
69. Jim Rice - weak beard
70. Don Orsillo - see Steven Whitley
71. Tom Caron - see Steven Whitley
72. Jeremy Remy - got a sweet stache though
73. Cole Wright - see Steven Whitley
74. The Purple Shamrock - WBCN has a Bruins playoff party and you put the Sox on 3 tv's and the B's/C's on 1?
75. Mrs. Iggles

The list grows more and more each day.
If you know someone who should be added to the Wanna B list send me a quick email at MRBOOZE187@HOTMAIL.COM or text me their name. The B's band wagon you are either on it OR UNDER IT!

Reminder for tonight:

Boston Bruins Beard Bash

Calling all Beard Growers!

Bruins Beard-A-Thon
Cheer on the B's this Friday for Game 4 at the Boston Bruins Beard Bash at Johnnie's On The Side, just minutes from the Garden. Meet Bruins Alumni, enter to win raffles, and have the chance to win other great prizes, including two tickets to Game 5 for the night's best beard. The viewing party will be emceed by WAAF's Greg Hill and Lyndon Byers from the Hill-Man Morning Show.

Not a beard grower yet? You can sign up at the event and start growing one for the team.

* When: Game 4: Bruins @ Hurricanes - Friday, May 8 at 7:30 PM
Doors open at 7:00 PM
* Where: Johnnie's on the Side, 138 Portland Street, Boston

Admission: $10 donation to the Boston Bruins Foundation at the door. You must be over 21 years of age to attend.

If anyone is looking for carton of cigarettes, MJT got a hookup - holla at your boy.

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