Friday, May 22, 2009

Unjustified Arrest????

UPPER UWCHLAN — A man from Secane was arrested after calling a township woman to quiz her about her feet, according to police.
David Fetter, 44, called the woman Feb. 28, asked her if she had taken her shoes or socks off yet, then tried to start a conversation with her about her feet, police said.The woman hung up on Fetter, who she did not know, and contacted authorities, police said.Using phone records, investigators determined Fetter had made the call, police said.During an interview with police, Fetter admitted to making foot-related phone calls to women to fulfill his fetish, police said. Records indicate Fetter had made 126 phone calls to women within an hour and a half, police said.All of the calls were Fetter’s attempt to engage women in conversations about their feet, police said.Police said he would only pursue conversations with women age 20 to 40.Fetter was charged with stalking, harassment and related offenses, police said

I believe the saying is ‘to each his own’….we all have our own little quirks but is it really necessary to make 126 phone calls inside of an hour and a half? That’s like a call every 45 seconds… is that possible? Do you just sit down in front of a phone book and just keep dialing away? I’ll give the guy credit at least he was persistent.

And the other issue I have is what exactly were the charges? Stalking and harassment……well if he called 126 different people how does this qualify? I can understand if you called the same person 126 times but from the way this is written the guy was just making random phone calls. Don’t get me wrong…I’m all for getting these sickos off the street. But if this qualifies as harassment then we need to start locking up all these telemarketers.


d said...

Is this Chrissy??

Chrisy said...

im not into feet, just strap ons!