Monday, February 16, 2009

Presidents day

Happy Presidents day everyone. I remember growing up when we had Washington's and Lincoln's birthdays off as holidays. That makes me feel kind of old.

Things I learned this weekend:
1. People are getting into hockey again, Not just the Bruins.
2. Smiddy has no plans to go home early on Sundays, He will show up to work bombed.
3. Marios love life is like an episode of 90210.
4. The Valentines day pub crawl was a shit show and not in a good way.
5. Mike G gets super bombed when his old lady is away.
6. The Bruins can't win a damn shoot out.
7. The Silent Sniper wants the A removed from Pusstrices chest and fast!
8. Shenanigans has really good food, and that's a surprise.
9. Red Sky is pretty packed on weekend days, and Annie got a good deal on her Fakies.
10. No matter what I do, I can not get rid of these headaches. Meds, No meds, Asprins, no Asprins, drinking or no drinking. Cluster Fuckers - fuck you up!
11. Smiddy is renting out a box for a Blazers game, who is going to attend? He is trying to relaunch Smidawg Productions in 09.

The BC eagles beat Duke last night 80-74, their first win against Duke in the ACC. That's 2 quality wins against top 5 teams this year and BC probably still won't make the Tourney. Suck that Al Skinner!!

The Bruins lost Friday night 1-0 on a shitty goal. Then lost Saturday night in a shootout. I know that every team goes through a lull/learning period, and as Iggles said, its better it happens now than in the playoffs.

Just a few things I think the B's need:
1. To rest Thomas for a few games.
2. A left handed shot/winger(not named Sobotka).
3. A few more fights when they are not playing hard, momentum changing hits.
4. Play Hunwick or Lashoff or trade one of them for a Defenseman.
5. Shoot out drills so they can win an overtime game.
6. Find the Puck Slut who gave Kessel Mono and send her to Buffalo.

Happy 30th Birthday Kelly Armstrong


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout out, but i think the Happy Birthday Kelly Armstrong should be at the top of the page right under the Sex on Fire's appropriate..

Anonymous said...

Kelly Armstrong is 30!! My goodness seems like just yesterday she was a wild crazy 20-something putting on dance parties at the hottest clubs like KILEYS in southie!! Those days are OVAH now nana!!