Friday, February 13, 2009

Chief Dude Hiatis

Well Boys and Girls the Chief Dude will be vacationing abroad for a while. Mrs. Chief Dude and I will be welcoming our second child into the world. This is my Second legit child by the way. I also have 14 illigitment children with this crazy bitch from Cali. Crazy Bitch said hey Chief Dude I need some sperm so I can have lots of Babies because im lonely and fucking crazy can you help me out. Well needless to say nothing in life is free so Chief Dude had to do what any normal person would do. I said Bitch get some Angelina Jolie lips suck my dick and you can have all the sperm you need the rest as they say is history.


d said...

Man hope the Chiefdude comes back. Lets start the office pool.

Anonymous said...

why can the blog take a collection to get the chiefdude a HOME COMPUTER?? I heard some people have them?? Or at least give chrisy his blogging rights i mean the blog needs that edge!!